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Dear PvPer,

Yes, this is a guild website, but NO, this is not a guild.
We are using this site to aggregate Horde PvPers on Bronzebeard for Rated BGs.

Back in vanilla, "RBGs" were called "premades."  We ran many of them successfully.

Back then the premade leader would fill the premade, then maintain a waiting list of players that were online and could take a spot if/when a player had to leave the group. During the time when High Warlord was a rank based on PvP rank on the server, these premades would run 12 or 16 hours every day.

There is no longer a reason to run BGs to that extent, but the PvPers on Bronzebeard have grown scarce and apart. The goal of this website is to organize them so that solid RBG groups can be formed. At the same time, you can stay in your own guild for PvE or other PvP that you might want to pursue, including your own guild's RBGs.

Join us as we put together the best Horde PvPers on Bronzebeard. We all love RBGs because they are fun. We also hate to lose.


Baetari the Nameless
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